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My Profile - After an illustrious career in the Navy SEALs and as the owner of an elite protective services company, he specializes in customized real estate strategies for his hospitality & business clientele. With a combined business career spanning over 20 years, Brett shares his passion from his military experiences by delivering effective and compelling solutions that win in the investment marketplace. Brett's past experience, in the SEAL Teams and as an independent contractor, has melded into a passion for teamwork and entrepreneurialism. Brett, and his family, spend their time between the Front Range of Colorado and Steamboat Springs.

Who the Heck Am I? - I'm a former decorated SEAL that served in the Global War on Terror. I have degrees in Electronics Engineering & Web Development, CCIM designation, PMP cert, & have owned several successful businesses. I've married my passions of business strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing & general butt-kickery to make sure you make the best CRE decisions.

If You Care What Other People Say


What the heck do we do?


Exclusively manage the purchase and/or sale of hotel & resort properties for our hospitality clients whether flagged, boutique, or independent operations.


Assess, market and coordinate the purchase or sale of a business, either attached or separate from a CRE property, for our business owner clients that are interested in liquidating or upgrading their current portfolio.


Identify, analyze, negotiate, and close on cash flow properties, for our investor clients, that are looking to start or add to a cash flow portfolio.


Do your current brokers know how to calculate DCFs, Discount Rates, NPVs, BOIs, ROIs, COCs BT/AT? Our mission is to provide you with the resources/data necessary to make the best CRE decision

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"If you're gonna be stupid, you better be hard." - Navy SEALs

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